November 8, 2022
September 15, 2023

Project Information

  • Title: AFECO
  • Duration: December 2022 - May 2025
  • Funding: Erasmus+
  • Website: AFECO

Project Description

The AFECO project aims to promote older adults’ skills and competences that allow them to analyse and use affordable age-friendly and eco-friendly principles in their physical environment (at home or in the neighbourhood). Age-friendly and eco-friendly principles should work complementarily and supportively to create the right conditions for social inclusion, active ageing and ageing in place through an environmentally responsible way of living. 

AFECO aims to raise awareness and educate older people, (in)formal caregivers and social workers about the importance of age-friendly and eco-friendly environments (home and community/ neighbourhood) as a valuable tool for active ageing and ageing in place. In the caregiving context, age-friendly and eco-friendly environments are essential to counter the signs of biological decline such as frailty or disease experienced by older adults in need of care.

 The consortium of the project consists of the following partners: