Day Care Center for People with Dementia
June 1, 2020
Frodizo actualizes a series of "Educate and Care" seminars in which family caregivers of dementia and health professionals can participate to inform and educate on dementia management. Indicative themes:
  • "Alzheimer's disease and other expressions of dementia"
  • "Behavioral disorders in dementia"
  • "Social Benefits for People with Dementia - Presentation of Structures for Support of Patients with Dementia"
  • "Dementia Reality and Behavior to People with Dementia
  • "Safe living at home for people with dementia - good practices" - "Preventing and responding to skin changes due to bed rest "
  • "Physiotherapeutic intervention in people with dementia"
  • "Physical exercise in people with dementia"
  • "Legal Issues in Dementia"
  • "Recognition and management of mental and physical fatigue for the caregivers of dementia patients"
  • "Non-pharmaceutical approach to dementia"
  • Ways to prevent dementia