Our Vision

The centre of the philosophy of all of us at Frodizo is the design of appropriate actions and projects that meet the real needs of vulnerable groups of the population.

Our vision is to make sure that Frodizo is the start of a society of old age and dementia, with citizens informed and aware of the needs and rights of these people ,we believe that an organization that is oriented to serve its fellow human beings must act in accordance with specific values that are known to anyone who wants to be part of our action.

Our Values

We show solidarity to those who need us without making any distinctions or exceptions.

We act with respect both to the professionals and members of our organization and to our beneficiaries

Our team is characterized by extroversion and willingness for new alliances and partnerships to better meet the needs of the people we serve..

All of us a Frodizo work on a team-based basis, which comes from our belief that fulfilling goals and creating the maximum social impact is the result of total effort and teamwork.

A key element in achieving our goal is the confidence that each member shows in their abilities as well as in the rest of our team.

Response to the person who needs our services is the force behind the continued operation of our organization..

We approach the needs of our beneficiaries through empathy, that is, the ability to get in the other's place and understand how one is experiencing a particular problem or situation.