Memory Support Office
June 1, 2020
Caregivers Training Seminars
June 1, 2020
The Day Care Center for People with Dementia works as a day care unit for people with Alzheimer's and other related disorders. The goal is to employ people with dementia and mild Mental Disorders where programs of group and individual non-medication interventions are implemented based on their needs. These "interventions" include mental empowerment, occupational therapy, art therapies, physiotherapy, gymnastics, and more. The goal is to mobilize participants and maintain their skills and communication skills. At the same time, family caregiver support and education programs outreach and prevention interventions for dementia in mentally healthy individuals are implemented.

The Day Care Center also offers the following services:

  • Memory support office (medical and neuropsychological evaluation of people over 60).
  • Caregivers individual and group counseling and support programs.
  • Caregivers training programs on the practical issues of caring for people with dementia.
  • Nursing guidance to the families of people with dementia.
  • The aim of all of the above services is to integrate dementia management and the improve of quality of life for people with dementia and their families.