ACTIMENDIA-Physical Activity and Exercing Benefits in Dementia Care
June 1, 2020


  • Title: IN MOTION- Operators on the move for the elderly’s wellbeing
  • Duration: August 2013-July 2015
  • Funding: Grundtvig-Leonardo Da Vinci Educational Partnerships
  • Website:-


"Frodizo" participated in the European project "INMOTION" - Exchange of Good Practices for Sports in the Third Age "(Educational Partnerships GRUNTVIG-Partnerships 2013). In the 2 years of the project, members and professionals of the organization participated in 4 meetings abroad (France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy) gaining huge experiences for the benefit of the institution. On April 4, 2014 in particular, a large event for the Third Age was organized in the Central Square of Patras (V. Georgiou Square) with the co-organization of the Deputy Mayor for Citizen Support, Volunteering, Gender Equality and Integration of Immigrants of the Municipality of Patras, of the Third Age Department of the Social Organization of the Municipality of Patras, of the non-profit Association "Frodizo" and of the Group of Volunteers Against Cancer "Embrace" of Achaia. Through this program, the members were able to significantly improve their knowledge on active aging issues, to get in touch with experienced organizations from abroad. In addition, Frontizo was given the opportunity, within the framework of the project, to achieve a very large action in the center of Patras with the participation of 100 elderly people from KAPI of Patras in gymnastics and dance activities while about 50 people over 60 years were evaluated.