ACTIMENDIA-Physical Activity and Exercing Benefits in Dementia Care
June 1, 2020
November 9, 2021

Project Information

  • Title:GOLD- Good Practices for OLD People
  • Duration: Septemper 2020 - August 2022
  • Funding: Erasmus+KA2 -Exchange Good Practices
  • Website: GOLD


The European project Erasmus plus entitled “GOLD - Good Practices for OLD People”, in which FRODIZO is happy to participate, started in the Fall of 2020. The project’s main scope is to urge older people to participate in social activities while maintaining and strengthening their mental, physical and social skills and enabling them to offer their valuable experiences and knowledge to the younger generations.

Through the actions of the program the partners will create the following tools:

  1. A "roadmap" of the current situation and needs of older people
  2. A collection of good practices for social inclusion as well as enhancing the health and quality of life of older people
  3. The testing and verification by project partners of the produced GOLD good practices
  4. Short videos with moments from the application of these practices to older people

The consortium of the project consists of the following partners:


Association Generations -

E-Seniors -

University of Muenster -

Reading for Others -